[2011 Vol.11, No.3 ] 10 articles.

Original Articles

Emotions and the emotional disorders: A quantitative hierarchical perspective
David Watson, Lee Anna Clark, and Sara M. Stasik (University of Notre Dame, USA)

Inpatient psychosomatic treatment of anxiety disorders: Comorbidities, predictors, and outcomes
Manfred E. Beutel (University Medicine Mainz, Germany), Franz Bleichner (Psychosomatic Clinic Bad Neustadt/Saale, Germany), Friedrich von Heymann, Karin Tritt (Institute for Quality Assurance in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine, Germany), and Jochen Hardt (University Medicine Mainz, Germany)

The effects of a Dutch version of an Internet-based treatment program for fear of public speaking: A controlled study
María José Gallego (Consorcio Hospitalario Provincial of Castellón, Spain), Paul Maria Gerardus Emmelkamp (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Marjoke van der Kooij (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), and Hilde Mees (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The Maudsley Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory: A reliability generalization meta-analysis
Julio Sánchez-Meca, José A. López-Pina, José A. López-López, Fulgencio Marín-Martínez, Ana I. Rosa-Alcázar, and Antonia Gómez-Conesa (Universidad de Murcia, Spain)

Sixth version of the Addiction Severity Index: Assessing sensitivity to therapeutic change and retention predictors
María José Casares-López (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain), Eva Díaz-Mesa (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain), Paz García-Portilla (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain), Pilar Sáiz (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain), María Teresa Bobes-Bascarán (Hospital Clínico de Valencia, Spain), Eduardo Fonseca-Pedrero (Universidad de La Rioja, Spain), Eduardo Carreño (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain), Pedro Marina (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain), María Teresa Bascarán (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain), John Cacciola (University of Pennsylvania, USA), Arthur Alterman (University of Pennsylvania, USA), and Julio Bobes (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, Spain)

Structure of the Personal Self-Concept (PSC) Questionnaire
Eider Goñi, José M. Madariaga, Inge Axpe, and Alfredo Goñi (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain)

Measuring perceived emotional intelligence in adolescent population: Validation of the Short Trait Meta-Mood Scale (TMMS-23)
Arantxa Gorostiaga, Nekane Balluerka, Aitor Aritzeta, Mikel Haranburu, and Itziar Alonso-Arbiol (Universidad del País Vasco, Spain)

Theoretical Articles

Psychological interventions and coronary heart disease
Christopher Peterson and Eric S. Kim (University of Michigan, USA)

Brief Reports

Personality traits and adherence to physical activity in patients attending a primary health centre
Emilia Burgos-Garrido, Manuel Gurpegui, and Dolores Jurado (Universidad de Granada, Spain)

A decade of the International Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology (2001-2010)
Izabela Zych (Universidad de Córdoba/Universidad de Huelva, Spain) and Raúl Quevedo-Blasco (Universidad de Granada, Spain)

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